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I have been working on my first Umbraco 7 project. No matter what I do I cannot get it to install correctly via Nuget with VS2013. I am tearing my hair out here, which is bad because I don’t have much to start with!

The instructions are from, titled Installing Umbraco with Nuget.

I have followed the instructions to the letter, including turning off my Resharper install. I have tried on two different machines, a Windows 7 with VS2013 professional and the same install on Windows 8.1.

No matter what I do, I lose the Add Controllers and other scaffolding options at the point that the Umbraco install completes.

I have tried installing an empty MVC project (which creates the menu options), then uninstalling MVC via Nuget, then installing via the instructions above, same result.

If I follow the instructions above for VS2012 I get the correct scaffolding.

I am using Umbraco 7.2.1, I have also tried 7.2.4.

With VS2013 the end results are always as shown in the image below. The solution (ugh thats so 2012!) is to use VS2012!

Image showing missing scaffolding in VS2013

Umbraco install trashes VS2013 project

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